dataZoa releases dZBoards 2.0

dZBoards Deliver Unlimited Public or Private Dashboards for viewing Data on the iPhone, Android, iPad or PC Desktop

New: See two examples of dZBoards created with the 2.0 release:

      Multimedia dZBoard and
      Multi-Page dZBoard

      => dZBoards 2.0 has the ability to deliver dynamically updating electronic versions of rich statistical reports

In detail: dZBoards 2.0 Webinar (39 minutes)

Examples of version 1.0 dZboards

SFO Airport Sample dZBoard

Automotive Industry dZBoard

California Energy dZBoard
(no password required)

Labor Market dZBoard

Requires Password: lobster

Video #1: dZBoards 1.0: Extremely Easy Creation of a dZBoard -- in seconds

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